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As a realtor, I bring efficiency, attention to detail, and unwavering loyalty to my clients. With over a decade of experience as an entrepreneur and radio host, I meet people where they are in their homebuying experience.

I have worked in every aspect of real estate - representing sellers, buyers, investors, and mortgage lenders - in both the residential and commercial markets. I even wrote a book about it to demystify homebuying. It is not just a good read - it is the secret to a seamless home buying experience.

My interest in real estate began when I started to look at gentrification. As a Black woman, I’m deeply committed to helping people within my community achieve financial freedom and generational wealth through homeownership.

My clients choose to work with me because they know that I am motivated to serve our community.

“I went with Tayla, first and foremost, because I love(d) your energy right off the bat. (When) we spoke... you gave me the sense (that) all would be OK and taken care of. Turnaround time was immaculate. Attention to detail equals superb. Lastly, your life for the culture, our people and your determination to make a change, even one speck at a time was truly admired.”

— Patricia

I help my clients understand the many complexities that come with real estate and work through the fear of the unknown when it comes to credit scores, mortgages, and your budget. 


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I have deep connections in the Greater Boston area and have earned credibility in our community for being professional and trustworthy.

“When I was ready to embark on the homebuying journey, I knew I wanted someone I could truly trust and be a sound partner during this crazy rollercoaster ride. Most importantly, I wanted to invest back in our community not only in my purchase, but in choosing a community-based team. Tayla, delivered on all my expectations and more.”

— Jennifer R.

Work with Tayla.

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