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I can honestly say this book is amazing and it touches on every aspect of real easte with key details needed to locate, determine value, get financing, realtor responsibility to closing. I highly recommend you to get yours and I’m looking at buying a big rental apartment with this great advice. Thank you Tayla and congratulations for your hard work.

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This book is exactly what it states...for new homeowners. It truly lays out all the steps necessary to successfully qualify in purchasing your first new home. From how to raise your credit score by removing bad marks on your credit reports, to different types of loans and how your credit score affects your monthly payments and overall payment of the loan. It even gives you boilerplate letters to send to all credit reporting agencies. Worth the purchase.

S. Jackson

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Author is detail-oriented and keeps the chronology of the transaction in mind when giving advice. Makes a great roadmap to an efficient, smooth transaction.

John Khellah

Tayla gives very HONEST and Valuable information. After reaching out she responded quickly and provided me with much needed information and information about her book. Reading Finally Home made me confident that I will have a successful home buying journey for my first home.

Angela D.

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