Adorn your Aura with Alignment

Discover the enchantment of Tayla Made LLC's Chakra Alignment, where each garment is a love letter to the soul. —Embrace your true self in a symphony of fabric and energy.

Undressing is effortless, but our collection dares you to delve deeper. With "Soul Naked" adorn your body and align your spirit, bringing your chakras into perfect harmony. Pieces like "Awakening My Third Eye" are not just attire; they're an invitation to self-discovery and spiritual awakening. 

Our audacious pieces, such as "Ride My Root Chakra" and "Suck My Sacral Chakra," are not mere suggestions but captivating invitations to explore the deeper meanings and influences of our chakras on our well-being.

Chakra Alignment is more than fashion—it's a transformative embrace. Dress yourself in intentions, and let your inner light reflect in your outer style. 


12 products

12 products