I Am Tayla André. Welcome.

I’m the founder and principal of Tayla Made Real Estate Easy, a Boston-based real estate and financial education agency focused on developing our clients holistically - financially, personally, and professionally. I am a real estate agent, mom, author, and advocate.

My goal is to simplify one of the most challenging processes you will go through as an adult: becoming a homeowner.

I am here to educate you properly on credit and teach you the strategies to find the home of your dreams. I unlock financial freedom and homeownership while addressing the whole person.

As a long-standing resource to the Boston community, I am relatable, charismatic, and bring honest and true knowledge of the city to all my conversations. My reputation for excellence has made Tayla Made Real Estate Easy a trusted resource for all of your housing and credit needs in and around the greater Boston area. 

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My promise to you is realness, honesty, and trust buying or selling your home.

As an advocate for minority wealth building, I am committed to trailblazing the path to financial freedom through information, connection, and wellness.

I am passionate about educating, motivating, and emancipating my clients from fear of the unknown. I am here to help you move through fear to home ownership and financial freedom.

I’m also a radio host.

On my show “Wake up with Tayla André,” I have unorthodox conversations that lead to universal consciousness with New York Times best-selling authors, Grammy award-winning artists, and Boston's key players.

You can find me on SparkOnlineFM, YouTube, iTunes, or iHeartRadio.

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