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Mother of 3, Educator, Real Estate Consultant, Author, Inventor, Advocate.

I Am the founder of Tayla Made LLC, a Boston-based financial literacy currcurriculum tha specializes in real estate, focuses holisticly on improving the lives of my clients by equipequipping them with the knowknowledge they need to make informed decisions.

My goal is to simplify one of the most challenging processes you will go through as an adult: becoming a homeowner.


Tayla grew up in a community that many Americans can relate to - one that wasn’t enriched with a strong foundation of financial knowledge or economical literacy. Even after earning her bachelor’s degree, she still lacked the education that could prepare her for becoming a successful adult, homeowner, and business professional. Not wanting to limit her potential based on the tools she was given, she set out to find the resources, mentors, classes, and communities she knew she was missing.

Today, Tayla is an accomplished author, mother, real estate agent, advocate, and course developer. Her ultimate goal is to inject herself into the system of education that fails to properly inform our society about financial wellness. In doing so, she hopes to create a more empowered society that has access to the tools and knowledge needed to create fulfilling lives.

Tayla Made Real Estate Easy
Finally, Home.: A step-by-step guide for people preparing for first time home ownership. - TaylaMadeShop
Finally, Home.: A step-by-step guide for people preparing for first time home ownership.
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Tayla Andre




Empowering people to take control of their potential by ensuring financial, professional, and personal education is accessible and digestible for people of all ages and literacy backgrounds.

Future Trajectory


My promise to you is realness, honesty, and trust buying or selling your home.

As an advocate for minority wealth building, I am committed to trailblazing the path to financial freedom through information, connection, and wellness.

Tayla at ted talk

I’m also a radio host.

On my show “Wake up with Tayla André,” I have unorthodox conversations that lead to universal consciousness with New York Times best-selling authors, Grammy award-winning artists, and Boston's key players.

You can find me on SparkOnlineFM, YouTube, iTunes, or iHeartRadio.

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