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If you log on to SparkOnlineFM, YouTube, iTunes, or iHeartRadio, and listen to my show “Wake up with Tayla Andre.” you’ll quickly understand “Unorthodox Conversations Leading to Universal Consciousness” means I am passionate about educating, motivating, and emancipating my listeners from fear of the unknown. I am a mom, author, real estate agent, and advocate.

With over a decade of experience, I have interviewed some of society’s most sought out personalities, including New York Best-Selling Authors, Grammy Award-Winning Artists, international public figures, and all levels of political affluence.

As the author of ‘Finally, Home’ my book equips the reader with the confidence to be engaged with the home buying process without feeling vulnerable or exploited. ‘Tayla Made Real Estate Easy’ is not just a catchy hashtag. It is my goal; goal to simplify one of the most challenging processes you will go through as an adult; a goal to educate you properly on credit and teach you the strategies to finding the home of your dreams. It is not just a good book or an easy read, it is the secret to a seamless home buying experience.

Although my real estate career began out of a passion for understanding gentrification, my brokerage at Thumbprint Realty turned me into the professional agent I am today. Clients seek me out not only because I have years of experience, learning from the best in the field, but because I am dedicated and motivated to serve.

I am one of the founding parents of CPLAN, a student-centered, and parent-driven community. CPLAN seeks to transcend divisions: We hold district, charter, regional, and Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity (METCO) systems accountable to ensure equitable educational outcomes.

I am currently being mentored by Dr. S. Atyia Martin the CEO and Founder of All Aces, Inc., an education social enterprise with a mission to activate the power of consciousness, critical thinking, and community to catalyze transformative action that advances racial equity and resilience.

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