About The Founder

Tayla Andre

Skilled real estate agent, author, mother, and advocate, and course developer, Tayla Andre is a decorated professional across many fields. She seeks to empower individuals and families with the education and confidence they need to successfully navigate the home buying process and create generational financial freedom. She lends her knowledge to broad audiences as well as her local Boston community through a myriad of inclusive materials aimed at educating, motivating, and emancipating listeners and readers from the fear of the unknown.

Although her real estate career began out of a passion for understanding gentrification, her brokerage at Thumbprint Realty turned her into the professional, proficient agent she is today. Her blend of experience, mentorships guidance towards achieving financial independence. Tayla Made LLC, is a real estate and financial education agency. Tayla is currently focused on developing enriching course curriculum for first time homebuyers. Available in both English and Spanish, this course discusses in detail the processes and knowledge intimate that enables families to take an educated approach to buying their first home. Through her course, she helps people around the country uncover the secrets to creating a seamless home buying ex offer perience. Through her curriculum , books, radio discussions, and real estate endeavors, she helps her clients explore the possibilities that true credit repair and homeownership.

By simplifying the home buying process and guiding her clients towards successful homeownership, she aims to transform America’s baseline education to empower current and future generations across the country. Tayla is equipped with over a decade of experience in interviewing some of society’s most sought after personalitie s, authors, artists, and public figures, and leverages this skill when working with new homebuyers to create strategic routes to longterm success. She holds a B.A. in Political Science and is currently being mentored by CEO and Founder of All Aces, Inc., Dr. S. Atyia Martin.

This mentorship expands her awareness and experience in activating the power of consciousness, critical thinking, and community development to catalyze transformative action that advances racial equity and resilience. By empowering others with valuable insight into the homebuying process developed course curriculum , through her hand her sole mission is to allow buyers to feel comfortable and confident throughout their journey into homeownership. Through her devotion to developing people financially, personally, and professionally, she works to open the conversation of unconventional yet basic financial knowledge that she believes will ultimately redefine the future of home buying for people across the nation .