Event Hosting 

When inquiring for a host or speaker for your event, ideally you want someone who is knowledgeable and meshes well with your audience.

Tayla Andre hits the nail on the head when it comes to this title. She attracts an audience, keeps the attendees engaged and entertained.

Tayla reinforces the key themes of my events and takes great direction even just mins before hitting the stage. Her spirit is very positive which alone inspires and motivates the audience to make positive changes in life. If needed she's someone who can provide fresh ideas and perspectives. Tayla can light up the room with her presence while being quick on her feet at any circumstance to changes in production or timeline at an event. Her smile is grand and grabs the attention of your guest, Tayla's the best! 

-Shauna "Bambi" Daddabbo

Divas Mentoring divas Inc.

She Is Boston LLC.


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Real Estate Agent

" I went with Tayla first and foremost because I love your energy right off the bat. Then we spoke and you gave me the sense of all would be OK and taken care of. I truly appreciated in mired that though you are an agent to many, you made me feel important and that I mattered. Your diligence and quick response were "One of the Beeeeeeeeeeest." Turnaround time was immaculate. Attention to detail equals superb. Patients. Even when I got a few doors slammed in our faces LOL. Understanding and time management to fit in a small window so many things we accomplish was insanely top-notch. I definitely felt like I was receiving The VIP treatment. Lastly, your life for the culture, our people and your determination to make a change even one speck at a time was truly admired. One for the culture it was a milestone for the future. Love you to the moon and back "

- Patricia

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